Clearing out the garden

After having a great summer garden season, I pulled everything up and got rid of it all.  But that small garden gave me thousands of tomatoes, hundreds of cucumbers as well as some lettuce, cabbage, peppers and onions, and a little parsley, too.  The zucchini that I planted didn’t work out well at all.  They were all soft and mushy before I could do anything with any of them, so they got yanked way back in June.  I could never keep up with all those tomatoes.  When we first planted them, they weren’t even six inches high.  When we pulled them up, each tomato plant was at least 15 feet long, but many of them were much longer.  I’ll never have to buy another lettuce seed again if I live for 1000 years.  I probably have enough lettuce seeds to feed at least one BLT (the L part) to everyone in Ohio next year.  I enjoyed my little garden, though.  Now, we wait for winter.  Winter has it’s good parts and good points.  I love seeing the hills that look like a winter bride dressed in a gown of new snow.   But I’m still not that fond of winter.  I like to see the colors, but I love the coziness of sitting by the fireside feeling the warmth of the crackling wood in the fire on  a cold winter’s night with the TV off as I look out the window, the Christmas lights glistening, and blinking.  Then comes January.  The lights come down.  The long winter wait begins.  To work and back.  For me, that’s here at the computer.  I’m fortunate in that regard.  I don’t have to leave home during a snowstorm, wondering if I’ll get there alive.  But then, there’s the budding of the trees, the chirp of the birds, the small animals frolicking in the yard as mating season begins.  I see the love of my life in the light of the morning, as I have so many times before for all those years.  The sunrise shows the beauty of the wrinkles on her increasingly aging, yet more and more beautiful face, as her talented hand, knead the dough for the morning’s homemade cinnamon rolls,  coffee already made, as I stroll out into the kitchen from the bed that she departed about an hour earlier.  I pour myself a cup of joe and ask her “How are you doing this morning?”  Greeting her with a kiss on the cheek, and thanking her for making the coffee, and complimenting her on its taste.  It’s hard for me to count and keep track of all my blessings, simply because I have so many of them, but I try not to ever take them for granted.  We are each other’s garden.  We work a vegetable garden in the spring, summer and for a few days in Autumn,  but the tenderness of the one you love is something that I always appreciate, because, simply because she’s the best thing that ever happened to me.


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