Presidential Debates.

It’s official.  Both major presidential candidates have lost their minds.  Hillary Clinton has invited Mark Cuban and he has said that he will be there.  Donald Trump has invited Gennifer Flowers and she has said that she will also be there.  I want to see them sitting together.  This could end up being the story of the night.  Imagine, if you will, Gennifer laying a big, wet, sloppy french kiss on Mark.  If that happened, nothing that Hillary or the Donald would say, no matter how outlandish would even make news or raise an eyebrow.    All eyes and cameras would be on Mark & Gennifer.   And their introduction will have been made possible by none other than Trump and Clinton, both of whom would have greased the skids to get it all started.   How sweet it would be to see love in politics, even if it is only hot, steamy lust.  Can you imagine two older people passionately making out like a couple dogs in heat?  Well dammit.  Neither can I.  A lot of people can’t wait until November 9th, when all of the political insanity is over.  Right now, the whole political landscape has all of the ripeness of the aroma of a used tampon, which is every bit as disgusting as the candidates themselves.


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