What I think the 2016 election results will be and some of the reasons why

First off, let me just say that I support Donald Trump, but I don’t think he’ll win.  And the biggest reason isn’t the dishonest media, even though they’re dishonest in the biggest ways.  No, the biggest reason why is his his own mouth and his own self-serving hot air machine.  And there’s also the BS of his supporters that the opposition can see right through.  Make no mistake, the Dallas Morning News is right.   Donald Trump is no conservative.  At best, he’s a RINO (Republican in Name Only)  And at worst, he’s another flaming liberal out for his own ends and no one else’s.  But in reality, neither is true.  He’s not a RINO.  And he’s not a flaming liberal.  But what he is, is what has a lot of Americans really turned on about this election,  An American who really loves America.  Of that, there is no doubt.  With Trump, Old Glory, our grand old flag flies high and proud.  And that is the biggest reason we, the uneducated illiterate morons love Trump.  Since you have to be a UIM (uneducated illiterate moron) to love America, I’m proud to align myself with them, the UIM’s of America.


Trump’s “mantra” of Make America Great Again is considered “racist” by the Democrats and many Republicans, too.  But it wasn’t Trump that first used that “mantra”  It was Bill Clinton, who first used it in a campaign commercial in support of his wife for President in 2008.  At no time back then have I heard any claim that it was racist.  But back in 2008, the Democratic nomination process was funny in one regard.  If you supported Hillary Clinton, you were a racist, and if you supported Barack Obama, you were a sexist, and if you supported the McCain/Palin ticket, you were just plain stupid.  In 2008, I was just plain stupid, simply because I voted for McCain/Palin.  But when I voted, I literally held my nose because I knew that we could have done much better than them.  Palin was so absurd that I couldn’t stand her, and that was true of most Republicans and Democrats alike.  She was aloof to say the least, and she drew crowds simply because of her figure.  We were the UIM’s and we were proud of it.  In retrospect, the Palins disgust me.  Bristol turned out to be the biggest whore in the political picture and she still is.  The most depressing part of the Palin ridicule is the meanness of the public towards Trig, their beautiful son, the one with Down’s syndrome.   Bristol had it coming because of the choices that she made all on her own.  Trig was the target of vitriol that was and is just plain wrong.  I will defend Trig Palin from the idiocy of our side anytime, anywhere, but never his mother. The reasons are obvious.

Malia Obama will be attending Harvard University this fall.  A very notable accomplishment, left or right.  Bristol became an unwed mother and a whore. Something to celebrate?  I think not.  And the men in Bristol’s life that thought she was sexy enough to pork are no better.  They are also whores.  It’s not just the loose women out there, and there are plenty of them.  The men are just as bad.  They make babies but are not fathers.  They’re only sperm donors that don’t give a damn about anything or anyone and are only interested in getting their little willy off.  Yes, this includes the Congressional Medal of Honor winner Dakota Myer.  While what he did on the battlefield was indeed heroic, what he did with and to Bristol Palin made him just as despicable as her.  That was not done on the battlefield.  It was done in a moment of stupidity where he was thinking with the wrong head if you want to call that “thinking” and she wasn’t thinking at all.  But for at least 18 years, she has the “welfare check” of a male that made her baby with her.  There is no honor in that.  Malia Obama, on the other hand, is being very honorable by focusing on attending Harvard and seeing that her grades actually make the grade to continue on to the following year and to graduation.  She is a very smart young lady.  Yes, it appears that she actually committed the unpardonable sin of smoking marijuana at some concert, but while the pretending purists are all up in arms about, Malia seems to have learned from her stupid error, she is moving on with her life, while the rest of America continues to pretend to be offended by what she did, which I always laugh at when someone brings it up, simply because when I was her age, I did the same thing.  I just remind them that “your sins look really bad when you see someone else committing them”  Yes, my sins looked really bad when I saw Malia committing them because she did it so much better than I did,  and I was jealous.  She looked good doing it.  I looked like a fool.  She got caught by someone with a camera perfectly positioned and I didn’t get caught at all, even on Kodak paper, but it is what it is.  We love being hypocrites because fixing the blame is so much easier than fixing the problem.  What really frosts my buttons is that this time, there wasn’t any problem.  We (Republicans) just tried to make it a problem by pretending to be offended by what she did.  Well, back to why I think Trump will lose on November 8th.


There are people that say that if Hillary becomes President, they’ll leave the country, I won’t.  My colors are red, white, and blue and they don’t run.  There are also those who say that they’ll leave if Trump becomes the President.  To both groups of people, I say “get out because we don’t need you.”  Our colors don’t run and if you do, then you’re not a real American, but instead a whiny little coward that isn’t interested in making the best of our country no matter who wins.


Trump will not win for several reasons.

  1.  His mouth.  He shoots it off and people are now paying attention and they don’t like what they’re seeing and hearing.
  2. His tweets.  He’s brain dead when he’s on Twitter.
  3. His attacks on veterans like John McCain, and his utter disrespect for Gold Star families, as evidenced by his reaction to Khizr Khan’s speech at the Democratic Convention.
  4. He hired advisers, promising to pay them, and when he was done with them, he stiffed them, by not paying them, claiming that they volunteered when none of those claims were true.
  5. He claims to have the support of 88 generals, which is suspect, because many of the ones contacted by a British media outlet had no idea that their names were even on the list of endorsers.
  6. His endorsement of violence against protesters at his rallies.
  7. He comes off as an idiot to an increasing number of ordinary people, including UIM’s.
  8. When people donate by credit card, they see monthly contributions, instead of one time donations like they wanted, and donors are getting ripped off.
  9. He sends out a lot of spam emails and it’s pissing a lot of people off and many of them are now committing to Hillary Clinton.
  10. He still shoots his mouth off about emails and Benghazi and he has joined the people he hates the most, those Republicans who are “all talk and no action”

But there are some things that he stands for that are actually good.  They are:

  1. The wall
  2. Making our military stronger than it’s ever been
  3. Getting rid of sanctuary cities once and for all
  4. Protecting the second amendment
  5. Renegotiating some of those disasters that we know as “trade deals”
  6. Genuine support of our police and a restoration of law and order
  7. His tax plan
  8. Getting rid of unnecessary regulations that are strangling this country
  9. Making the political and economic atmosphere fair again.  Right now, it’s rigged
  10. His genuine belief that America First is the only way to go.

Here’s what will help him win.

  1. Shut up about Benghazi and the emails.  We’re sick of hearing about it
  2. Focus on your plan to make America great again, and give detailed descriptions of not only his plan, but how he intends to make it happen.
  3. Take every single member of both houses of congress, House and Senate, to Camp David and lock them in there, telling them that they’re going nowhere until they come up with a deal that will make America great again, even if it takes the whole year of 2017.  Explain that to the people before November
  4. Make sure that Arab terrorists know that they’re toast if they dare to even think that attacking America again is a good idea.
  5. Start going to some of the smaller cities like he did in Pensacola, Florida, Mobile, Alabama and Erie, Pennsylvania.   Check the weather forecast and do it in outdoor ventures where more people can attend.

I hope Trump wins, but at the rate he’s going, we’re going to see a President-elect Cankles Clinton when the voting is over.  Let’s wake up, people.  We can’t afford to keep going in the direction that we’re currently on.


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