The Old Days of Air Travel

I remember the days when there were numerous airlines and people almost never had a problem with it.  There was Mohawk Airlines, Allegheny Airlines, Piedmont, Ozark, Texas International, Braniff International, TWA, Pan Am, Pacific Southwest, Hughes Air West, Continental, Western, Eastern, Northwest Orient,  America West, Air Florida, Air California, National, ValuJet, and so many others.

Then Mohawk merged with Allegheny, which changed it’s name to USAir and eventually merged with American Airlines.  Piedmont also got bought out by USAir, and Ozark Airlines got swallowed up by TWA,  Texas International became one with Continental, and they eventually merged with United.  Braniff just died.  Nobody was interested in buying them out, so they just went belly up without merging  with anyone.  TWA merged with American,  Pan Am could no longer function because of what happened to Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, so they died quietly.  All these airlines made travel very easy.  The Civil Aeronautics Board set the fares and the airlines themselves competed with each other by advertising how much better service they had over other airlines, and the customers were always the big winners, simply because there was no competition based of who had the lowest price, because the fares we set by the government.


I really liked to be able to fly almost anywhere I wanted and not have to worry about things like airfare.  It was just nice back then.  I just loved it.  Times were so much simpler back then.


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